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Frequently asked questions

What does (S) and (D) stand for?

Superior (S) and Deluxe (D) are standards of accommodation. For Superior tours, the majority of the accommodation is of a good standard from 3 to 3.5 star. For Deluxe tours, the majority of the accommodation is of an excellent standard from 4 to 5 star.

Why use our service?

These days you can book each component of a tour yourself, but it all takes time and you don't always know if the experience will match the marketing. Also, as you're (presumably!) not an Australian-based self-drive tours specialist, you may miss opportunities or inadvertently book things that don't work well together, or that require more time than you have allowed. So let us help you.

You'll get good prices, too. We guarantee our tour prices add up to less than the standard ('rack rate') prices of the tour components, so you're not paying anything extra for our help — you're just accessing a whole lot of local knowledge and saving a whole lot of time.

How can I be sure my credit card details are secure?

Protecting your credit card details from unauthorised access is an important issue for all credit card holders.On the Internet there are two areas of concern.

The first is as you enter your credit card details. Internet connectivity is two-way and while you are viewing standard web sites, it is possible for someone to monitor your keystrokes as you type in your credit card details. That's why we don't have the credit card form on our normal web site. Instead, it's on a page located on a computer that is set up to stop anyone from being able to gain unauthorized access to it and, in turn, to you and your PC. This type of computer is known as a secure server and it utilizes a technology known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). You can verify that the web page you are viewing is located on a secure server by looking for the padlock icon on the status bar of your browser. Another sign is that the web page address begins https:// instead of the normal http://.

The second area of concern is the transfer of the credit card details from the secure server to the merchant. In our case we use the multi-bank payment express ( secure gateway which means your credit card details are used only by our bank and are not transmitted to or retained by us.


Driving Australia

Driving Australia

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Driving Australia

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Driving Australia
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Driving information

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